Well, that was fun!

The tour to the Netherlands is over and besides Joy and Bernie, the ARS tour has moved to Germany. But at least for the myself en Rinus... we had a great time!

I can imagine that when you get back home, you will have forgotten so much of what you have seen. So to help out a bit, I'm leaving the Dutch itinerary online so you'll know where you went. For those of you who still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me by clicking on the @-sign on the right of this page.

Thank you all so much for making this trip a memorable one!


May 8 - 8:30 AM

Zaanse Schans

May 8 - 14:30 PM


May 9 - 9:00 AM

Esveld Nursery

May 9 - 1:45 PM

Trompenburg Arboretum

May 10 - 8:15 PM

Private Garden Prof. Lou Traas

May 10 - 11:00 AM

Utrecht City

May 10 - 2:30 PM

Utrecht Botanical Gardens

May 11 - 8:15 AM

von Gimborn Arboretum

May 11 -11:00 AM


May 11: 4:30 PM

Belmonte Arboretum

May 12 -9:00 AM

Palace 'Het Loo'

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4. Amstelpark - free

I live literally 45 minutes from this park, it's been on my wishlist for a few years and I've never managed to visit! Looking up the information, I realized it has a Japanese Garden and a Rhododendron area with almost 140 kinds and 8000 plants. It was built for the World Horticultural Exhibition called 'Floriade' in 1962. The Floriade is held every 10 years to promote Dutch horticultural exports. Unfortunately, the website has minimal info and is in Dutch so the link is to the pictures.

Travel: From Schiphol - take the train to station Amsterdam RAI (pronounced like 'rye' not 'ray'). From Central Station - take Metro line 51 for 8 stops to the same station. Find the exit to the main road (it's the tunnel underneath the train station) and walk in a south to south-westerly direction. The park will be on you left. Take the entrance that says 'Rosarium'.

Time: The trip by train from the airport is 10 minutes, from Central Station by subway about 17 minutes. It's a 7 minute walk as you exit the station. You can comfortably get here in 30 minutes.

 Nederlandse Rhododendron vereniging

Dutch chapter of the ARS