Utrecht Botanical Garden

Utrecht botanical garden was originally established in 1639, be it not in this location. It was then, as many botanical gardens, part of a university, this one belonging to Utrecht University, established in 1636. It was created under the name 'Hortus botanicus et medicus', and used to educate the students on which plant or plant parts were toxic or curative.

It relocated a few times and in 1987 received its current spot, in an area called ' 'Utrecht Science Park'. If you think about it, this park has come full circle and has returned to the place where it once started; as part of scientific advancement. This time however, emphasis is as much on education as it is on preservation.

Priority of this park is placed on the collection of alpine and other plants from Northern South America.


Parts of this garden were specifically created to allow certain plants to grow. For the rock garden for example, more than 2300 tons of rock ware transferred from the Ardennes in Belgium. It now houses 3000 types of plants of which the jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema) and Trillium collections are noteworthy.

The greenhouses on the premises contain 400 species of tropical plants that can only be found in this botanical garden and another 250 species are found worldwide at only one other botanical garden. And for those of you interested in bromeliads, the greenhouse contains 950 species of them. All in all a nice opportunity for some beautiful pictures, I would say!

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