von Gimborn Arboretum

The picture above may cause a little confusion...what are you looking at?

As a mathematics enthousiast, the symmetry of this tree fascinates me immensely and the English name is therefore all the more appropriate; the monkey puzzle tree (Araucaria araucana). The huge specimen in the von Gimborn Arboretum is definitely worth a look but there is so much more to see. 

The original owner of the arboretum, Max von Gimborn, used the plot to house his extensive collection of (sometimes rare) trees and when the University of Utrecht obtained this property in 1966, it also stored its tree collection at this arboretum.

Since 2009, it's in the hands of private foundation which has 'cleaned up the clutter' so that trees and tree trunks can be seen again. You can expect to see a nice collection of conifers, birch,maple, and heather, as well as rhododendron and magnolia. 

A nice story about this garden is that there is a witch-hazel named after this garden. The Hamamelis 'Gimborn's Perfume'. It is said to be a naturally occurring hybrid found at the von Gimborn arboretum in 1984. Seedlings of this plant are still sold in nurseries around the country. Of course, the witch hazel blooms in January and as such, you will not see or smell it's flowers. Perhaps however, our guide will point it out. 

Unfortunately, the website of von Gimborn has no English text and it is furthermore confusing as it mentions another name at the site: The National Tree Museum (Nationaal Bomen Museum). If you would like more information, please feel free to send an email. If you are only interested in looking at the pictures, you can go the Facebook page, here.

 Nederlandse Rhododendron vereniging

Dutch chapter of the ARS