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Germany 2023

Multi-day rhododendron trip

In 2023, the Dutch Rhodo Society is travelling to Ammerland, in the Northern part of Germany. You're welcome to join! And we really hope you do!

Between the 15th and 19th of May of next year we're visiting cities like Westerstede, Bremen en Zwischenahn. Below you will find the itinerary of the trip and the link of the bookingspage of Kupers Tuinreizen, our travel agency.

And if you have any specific questions we might be able to help you with, please feel free to email us directly at

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Hotel information and conditions are at the bottom of this page

May 15

  8:00 - Departure from Belmonte Arboretum, Wageningen

  9:45 - Van der Valk Hotel; coffee/tea and cake

10:30 - Departing for Germany

12:00 - Rhododendronpark Hobbie

Lunch boxes will be handed out

15:45 - Departure from Hobbie

16:00 - RHODO 23 Westerstede

18:30 - Arrival Hotel Ripken

May 16

  8:30 - Departure from Hotel Ripken

  9:30 - Arrival Rhodopark Bremen

12:00 - Lunch

14:30 - Departure from Rhodopark Bremen

15:00 - Arrival Old Town Bremen

17:45 - Departure from Bremen

18:30 - Arrival Hotel Ripken

May 17

   8:30 - Departure from Hotel Ripken

   9:15 - Park der Gärten (Park Gardens), Oldenburg - Lunch

14:00 - Departure from Park der Gärten

14:15  - Private garden Dr. Slegt

15:45 - Departure private garden

16:00 - Böhlje garden center

17:15 -  Departure Böhlje

18:30 - Arrival Hotel Ripken

19:00 - Joint evening with the German Rhodo Society (DRG)

May 18

  8:00 - Departure from Hotel Ripken

10:00 - Arrival Lutetsburg

*Here too we will bring lunch boxes from the hotel

13:30 - Departure Lutetsburg

15:00 - Arrival Gristede/Bruns

18:00 - Departure Gristede

18:45 - Arrival Hotel Ripken

May 19

8:30 - Final departure from Hotel Ripken

9:00 - Arrival zu Jeddeloh

11:30 - Departure from zu Jeddeloh

13:00 - Arrival Van der Valk Hotel, Emmen with farewell lunch

15:00 - Departure from Emmen

17:00 - Arrival Belmonte arboretum, Wageningen

Hotel Ripken

Borchersweg 150
26209 Hatten/Streekermoor
Niedersachsen, Deutschland

tel: 0049-4481-93510

Hotel Exterior

Prices and conditions

Reichstag Building

Costs:  759.00 (on the basis of double occupency) (~£650)

single room:  80.00 extra (~£68)

Included: Travel by coach, hotel, all meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) & all entry fees to gardens.

Extra costs:  15 admin costs per booking,   5 SGR dues pp,  dues Calamity fund at 2.50 per booking

Not included Travel insurance & trip to and from UK

Maximum number of UK members to attend: 20

Last day to enroll: 31 January 2023

Sunday, May 14 2023

For those of you arriving on the 13th of early on the 14th of May in Wageningen, 'our' Arboretum Belmonte will be at its prettiest by the time you arrive, with many Rhododendrons in bloom. Belmonte is situationed directly adjacent to the Fletcher hotel and can be reached with only a few minutes walking.

Below you will find information on Belmonte (in Dutch) and also a link to the Fletcher Hotel in Wageningen (photos and video).

Piet - Belmonte - Overzicht 7kl.jpg

Options for travel to the Netherlands
only legible on desktop or laptop, sorry!

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